Archbishop Charles Scicluna has expressed his concerns about Malta's drug use problem, which is "damaging our youths" and "killing people", a day after a horrific crash which killed a pedestrian.

In his prayers of the faithful on Thursday, the archbishop said he has noticed the growing troubles the country is seeing as more youths delve into drug abuse. 

"Our youths fall into the bad habit of drugs. They end up harming themselves, killing people, crucifying their families, and ending up without any money."

"Does this make any sense," he asked. 

His comments follow the horrific incident, where Pelin Kaya, a 30-year-old Turkish woman, was killed after she was hit by a black BMW in front of the Gżira KFC outlet.

The driver, Jeremie Camilleri, was found to be drunk and high on cocaine, a court heard during his arraignment on Thursday. Witnesses claimed he threw stones at the victim after running her over while a video that emerged after the incident shows him being subdued by the police.

Camilleri pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

The incident took place just one hour into Kaya's 30th birthday

The archbishop also made a solemn reference to those people who "facilitate" the drugs market in the country. 

"I pray for those who have a great responsibility of facilitating drugs in our country to see the light, as they have to make an account in front of God. We pray for these victims."

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