Street graffiti which claimed that COVID-19 is fake has been removed by the San Anton Hotel. 

The blue spray-painted words included “Corona is fake” and "covid is fake” were found on the outer walls of the hotel at Triq C. Tanti in St Paul’s Bay. 

“The graffiti was removed first thing this morning. Unfortunately we have no information about who vandalised the hotel,” a hotel spokesperson explained.

On Wednesday it was announced that new COVID-19 cases rose to a record of 224

The graffiti was first flagged by Graziella Galea, minority leader at St. Paul’s Bay Council and PN general election candidate. “After I saw the graffiti I filed a report to the police station, since the graffiti is on private property,” she said.

She had posted the pictures on social media, stating that everyone has the duty to follow the directions of the Health Authority to overcome the pandemic. 

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