It’s ho ho ho time and I have forgotten to wish happy holidays to all, including my far-flung enemies. Yes I know it should be Happy Christmas but I’m trying hard to annoy no one, including all the atheists who don’t mind the feasting festivities but would rather replace the Superstar’s name with an X.

Political correctness is boring but we all have to abide by the set rules of modernity, even if it’s a closer step to mediocrity.

Talking of words and people who could get offended, the first few words of my post (the ho ho ho) are always dangerously incorrect. After all a ho(e) is, besides a tool, a bad woman, a woman of loose morals, what some years back would be called a prostitute.

Ho sounds like hoe, so hohoho could sound as if we are making fun of this profession. And the last thing I, or Father Christmas, need before the New Year starts is to be sued by a bunch of hookers for making fun of them.

Talking of age-old professions and selling body and soul reminds me of those other shady ones, the politicians.

Now a good soul friend has advised me to take a break—not from writing, you silly men and women out there—from politics and to talk about things fresh, things fancy and stress-free.

I will do this—even if politicians, especially the ones who sit on the elevated seats of power, tend to try hard to stress us out and spoil our festive fun.

The ones on the other side of the fence, the ones who oppose and militate, are so good and angelic I sometimes think they are crib figurines—the pasturi who stand in awe of all around and beyond them.

Hope you all had a magnificent Christmas (oops sorry about this dear bashers of God and His Son), a more than relaxing Boxing Day and trust you will all make many resolutions for a better, bouncier New Year.

Enjoy the ending—it’s been a great year full of bangs and pangs—and the new one promises to be even more interesting.

May your god, nature, earth or your own no One bless you all.


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