Home Affairs minister Byron Camilleri has again denied the existence of a ‘punishment chair’ at Corradino, however he stopped short of providing details about restraining methods at the prison.

On Sunday Newsbook published an edited picture of a chair, which it claimed naked inmates were tied to.

The metal chair is fitted with blue padding on the arm and leg rests and includes what appears to be padded restraints for the arms, legs and torso.

In its report, Newsbook also alleged that on one occasion prison director Alex Dalli placed a pillowcase over the head of an agitated youth who was strapped to the chair.

Byron Camilleri says prison uses 'restraint methods'. Video: Matthew Mirabelli

Camilleri has already denied that there is a punishment chair at the Corradino Correctional Facility. The claim had been made by Illum.

Last December he acknowledged that a prisoner was once tied to a chair, but said this happened before he was Home Affairs Minister.

Answering questions at a press conference on Monday, Camilleri again denied that there is a chair for punitive purposes.

“There is no punishment chair in prison. On this issue I have been asked several times and I remain clear,” Camilleri said.

“In prison there is a method of restraint that is used only when a prisoner is behaving in a way that could be a danger to themselves or correctional officers."

In December, Camilleri acknowledged that a prisoner had once been tied to a chair, but said this happened before he was Home Affairs Minister and was done on the recommendation of a doctor, after a prisoner was judged as being a danger to himself, the staff and other prisoners.

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