The Nationalist Party’s representative on the Planning Authority board, Marthese Portelli, has resigned.

The resignation following the PA’s approval of plans on Thursday to turn a tiny dilapidated Qala room in an Outside Development Zone into a sprawling villa. 

Following public outrage, the developer has since renounced the permit.

In her letter, Dr Portelli said that it was becoming clearer that the PA had been taken over by forces and people who were completely ignoring the common good and were working for personal interests.

These forces and people only cared for their political conveniences, obligations and personal friendships and she was not ready to form part of an entity which did not respect the people.

Dr Portelli said there were facts and situations which were leading to a systemised institutional breakdown. 

In a statement on Sunday, the PN published Dr Portelli’s resignation letter and said the resignation had the support of PN leader Adrian Delia.

Speaking in Parliament a few days ago, Dr Portelli said MPs should stick to their role as legislators rather than sit on government boards.

Dr Portelli’s letter can be read in the pdf link below.

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