As people poured into Valletta on Saturday to join Iż-Żejjed Kollu Żejjed [Enough is enough], a national demonstration opposing overdevelopment and environmental ruin, they did not leave their creative sides at home. 

Photos: Chris Sant FournierPhotos: Chris Sant Fournier

Amidst the drumming and chanting people held up colourful homemade signs and placards, often from reused cardboard or re-purposed cereal boxes. 

People turned to jokes, puns or witty slogans, with one even re-creating the Internet meme known as 'This is Fine'. 

Some took the initiative of stepping up the pageantry, with many protestors sporting dust and gas masks, fitting given that Malta has topped the EU list of people experiencing pollution exposure. 

Keeping it light and cheerful, people were nonetheless direct in letting others know why they made the journey and what message they wanted to get across. 


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