On child abuse

Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Bos­ton, president of the Pontifical Commission for the Pro­tection of Minors, in a mes­sage to mark European Day on the Protection of Chil­d­ren against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, wrote:

“We cannot repair what we do not recognise. We cannot restore a broken trust if we do not address the heart of the matter. This requires ho­nest investigation, independent inquiry, informed action.

“We can become a Church and a society that puts the protection of children among the highest priorities. This requires investment in creating relationships of trust and cross-institutional support.

“Victims and survivors of child sexual abuse hold the key to helping us implement meaningful and effective policies and procedures.”

On synodality

In a video message to the US bishops attending their general assembly, Cardinal Mario Grech, general secretary of the Synod of Bishops, said:

“Synodality brings to light the palpable sense that all of us are on a common journey towards our God, in which our common humanity and the shared dignity of baptism form the central foundation of this journeying together…It helps us acquire a profound recognition that in all moments of dialogue, decision- making and discernment, it is God’s will that we are seeking to discern and discover, not our own nor our group’s.”

On child labour

In a message to a conference on the eradication of child labour, Pope Francis said:

“Child labour is the denial of children’s rights to health, education and harmonious growth, including the possibility to play and dream. This is tragic. A child who cannot dream or play, cannot grow up. It is robbing children of their future, and therefore, humanity itself. It is a violation of human dignity. To era­di­­cate the scourge of child labour, we must work together to eradicate po­ver­t­y, to correct the distortions in the current economic system, which centralises wealth in the hands of a few.”

(Compiled by Fr Joe Borg)

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