Ill-designed infrastructure results in everybody "becoming a victim", whether it is the cyclist, the pedestrian or the motorist, the Bicycle Advocacy Group said.

In a statement on Saturday, a day after a cyclist was grievously injured after crashing into a bollard on Friday, the group said it had repeatedly urged the authorities to "do things in the proper manner" in order to avoid such accidents. 

"We witnessed yet another accident yesterday where a cyclist crashed into a bollard, because he had no other choice since the cycle lane disappears into thin air.

"Millions of euros are being spent on designs that, instead of making the journey safer are endangering our lives. An accident can have very ugly repercussions, and everybody has the right to return home safe and sound," BAG said. 

The group has also sent a judicial letter to the authorities on the matter and is working with lawyers to see that "the right to road safety is safeguarded for everybody".

"We wish the cyclist involved in yesterday's accident a speedy recovery and we hope that these obscenities are rectified. We also expect the Malta Road Safety Council to publicly voice its position on such infrastructure and the danger it is putting road users in," BAG said. 

Cyclists have for years criticised the infrastructure ministry for introducing bicycle lanes all over the island that were "unsafe and substandard". 

On some roads, lanes end abruptly, forcing the cyclist to manoeuvre dangerously onto oncoming traffic. The cyclists have also said that the paint used to mark the lanes is unsafe as it is too slippery.

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