Prime Minister Robert Abela has said he won't act on a killer's claims that a sitting minister was involved in a crime, unless he or she is identified.

Vincent Muscat, who has admitted murdering journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, told a court on Tuesday, that a sitting minister was involved in another "big job" that had taken place a few years ago.  

He did not name the minister or detail what crime he was referring to. 

Speaking outside parliament on Wednesday, the prime minister said that immediately after the testimony, he contacted the police commissioner to establish who Muscat was referring to.

"When asked by the commissioner about this, I am informed that the witness kept insisting that he wouldn't say any names," Abela told Times of Malta

Asked if he had spoken to his cabinet to ask them whether they have had any association with Muscat, Abela indicated he had not. 

“When the witness reveals who he is referring to, I’ll be able to go through that exercise,” Abela said.

Robert Abela speaks to journalist Julian Delia outside parliament on Wednesday. Video: Chris Sant Fournier

Pressed further about whether he knew the identity of the sitting minister, Abela questioned why lawyer and opposition MP Jason Azzopardi, who was asking Muscat questions during the testimony, failed to ask him to reveal the name of the sitting minister.

When asked about what action would be taken if and when the name of the sitting minister is revealed, Abela said he would not speak in "hypothetical terms".

“When someone is mentioned, I will be able to set my position accordingly,” he said before leaving and declining to answer further questions.

Muscat, who has admitted being one of the people who planted the bomb that killed the journalist, named a sitting minister after claiming there was another, aborted murder plot by ex-economy minister Chris Cardona.

While answering questions about the first plot to assassinate Caruana Galizia in 2015, Muscat had said he was not worried about the plans being exposed to the authorities.

When asked why he wasn’t worried about the former economy minister exposing their plans, Muscat stated that Cardona and another sitting minister were also involved in another "big job."

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