Prime Minister Robert Abela has expressed his concern over the building collapse which caused the death of a young worker and injured another five on Saturday, saying all those involved needed to shoulder their responsibilities.

The building at Corradino collapsed during works which would have seen two storeys added to the existing two. 

Abela said in reply to questions that a distinction needed to be drawn between this case and the other case in Sta Venera in 2020 which caused the death of Miriam Pace. (Pace died when her house collapsed while excavation works were underway on an adjoining site)

The prime minister speaking on Monday. Video: Jonathan Borg

The prime minister pointed to reforms the government had introduced and said the reform process was continuing.

Investigations over last week’s incident needed to be allowed to take their course, he said.

But the country could not tolerate a situation where anyone could suddenly buy equipment and overnight call himself a contractor, he said, adding he was not specifically referring to Saturday’s case since it was a magistrate who would determine what had happened.

The clear message, he said, was that the reforms needed to be emphasised and laws needed to be enforced. But while the government did its part, all contractors needed to shoulder their responsibilities.

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