Three-man band The Busker has confirmed that they will be performing the song that won them this year's Malta Eurovision Song Contest at the big event in Liverpool in May. 

Last week, The Busker grooved into the hearts of the public with their song Dance (Our Own Party) which obtained 121 points overall, beating Ryan Hili’s In the Silence, (85 points) and Matt Blxck’s Up (76 points). 

While their song, packed with a jazzy saxophone and funky lyrics, has been described as “fresh” and “catchy” by international listeners and garnered 33,000 views on YouTube in the past three weeks, there was no guarantee that it was to be the song that they would perform at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. 

But to the delight of The Busker fans, the band has confirmed that the song will not be changed. 

“The song will remain the same, with some production enhancement to the track,” drummer Jean-Paul Borg told Times of Malta. 

Both the 2021 and 2022 Malta Eurovision Song winners, Destiny and Emma Muscat, performed songs selected for them by PBS after they were crowned champions. The 2019 winner, Michaela Pace also had her song selected by PBS. 

Dav Jr starts his performance next to cut-outs of former Maltese Eurovision contestants, such as Ira Losco and Destiny. Photo: Facebook/Eurovision Song MaltaDav Jr starts his performance next to cut-outs of former Maltese Eurovision contestants, such as Ira Losco and Destiny. Photo: Facebook/Eurovision Song Malta

What’s the song about? 

Speaking about the song, The Busker singer Dav Jr explained that the song is about the feeling of someone being triggered by social anxiety at a party and wanting to find a more comfortable setting with a group of friends. 

“The outfits show that we, too, feel better in our sweaters,” he said, referencing a song lyric. 

“None of us are really ones to be flashy, we all consider ourselves home-grown and we wanted to make sure the centre of attention is on the music and song.”

He said that at first, the song had different lyrics. 

“But since it was so groovy and pumpy, that I could see people dance to it, I had to remove the old melody and vocal lyrics, to give way for a more soothing theme,” he said. 

It’s also hard not to notice other familiar faces on stage with the band, as the song starts with Dav Jr standing next to human-size cut-outs of singers Ira Losco and Destiny- two former Eurovision contestants. 

“I think that is us just being cheeky, manifesting the idea that we would like to stand in line with previous winners, and unknowingly what the results might be.”

'We set goals every year as a band'

Formed back in 2012, The Busker was originally made up of Borg, singer and guitarist Dario Genovese, who then eventually departed.

Dav Jr, previously known as an upcoming solo artist, took over as the band's lead singer in 2021.  The band is completed by Sean Meachen on the saxophone.

“Every year, the band sets a goal, and this year it felt right for us to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest,” Borg said. 

He said the idea to participate originally started in 2021, but Dav Jr had just joined and they were “not in the right frame of mind”. 

This year's Malta Eurovision Song Contest was the band’s first time performing in a song contest,  Meachen said.  

“I quickly realised that the people there are like family, they treat you well and do their best to make you feel welcomed,” he said. 

“One highlight for me was that there is a real family atmosphere, and I really encourage other bands to do this experience. Not only does it give you an experience which you will cherish for the rest of your life, but it will also give you experience musically and help you develop into a better artist.”

The band is already gearing up for a busy three months ahead in preparation for Liverpool, and they have a ton of interviews, production meetings, and brainstorming sessions planned to perfect their act ahead of May. 

“The concept, the song, and idea behind it we are very proud of it so that in itself is something we achieved, and moving forward we continue building on it,” Borg said. 

“We want to deliver our best performance for the semi-finals and make Malta and Gozo proud.”

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