Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà on Friday confirmed that four people were arrested overnight between Monday and Tuesday and that all four were granted police bail as investigations continue.

Keith Schembri, the former prime minister’s chief of staff, and Brian Tonna, his Nexia BT auditor, as well as Karl Cini, also from Nexia, were arrested on suspicion of money laundering after their assets were frozen by court order. They were released after interrogation.

Video: Mark Zammit Cordina

Gafà has now confirmed that a fourth person was also arrested, but his identity remains unknown.

In comments to Times of Malta Gafà said that investigations have been going on for years. The arrests were made following leaked secret court documents, he added.

Schembri and Tonna could face up to 18 years in jail and a maximum fine of €2.5 million if convicted of money laundering.

A long list of other people mentioned in the court’s ‘attachment order’ could face the same punishment if convicted.

The order came a few days after the news of the conclusion of a magisterial inquiry into claims that Schembri took a €100,000 kickback on passport sales from Tonna.

The inquiry was based on a leaked FIAU report that raised suspicions about two €50,000 transactions that passed between the pair via Pilatus Bank.

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