Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Sunday congratulate Opposition leader Adrian Delia “for beating Simon Busuttil” during a confidence vote on Saturday. 

Taking a clear pot-shot at the former Opposition leader, the Prime Minister said beating Dr Busuttil “was no big deal”. 

Dr Delia on Saturday survived a no-confidence vote called by his detractors. 

“I hope he gets a grip”, Dr Muscat said of the PN leader during a short telephone interview on ONE Radio. 

Asked to comment on the PN’s woes, the Prime Minister likened the situation to a Netflix series. 

Dr Muscat expressed hope the PN leader “would get a grip” so the government could begin to engage with the Opposition and understand its stance on important issues. 

PN leaders, new and old: Adrian Delia and Simon Busuttil.PN leaders, new and old: Adrian Delia and Simon Busuttil.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to know where the Opposition stood on the government proposal to increase female representation in Parliament. 

For this, the constitution would have to be changed and it was therefore important to know where the Opposition stood. 

Juncker and Dalli

On outgoing EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker’s visit to Malta last week, Dr Muscat said it was important to recognise the service Mr Juncker had given to the EU. 

Mr Juncker was awarded honorary membership of the national order of merit during a ceremony held in Valletta. 

The Prime Minister said Mr Juncker’s visit and words demonstrated what good relations Malta has with the Commission. 

He said it also showed the country enjoys a good reputation in the EU. 

Dr Muscat welcomed Mr Juncker’s comments about Malta’s strong economy and the praise given for lowering the voting age. 

He said EU Commission nominee Helena Dalli was preparing to be put to the test in the European Parliament. 

All Commission nominees go through a ‘grilling’ in the Parliament prior to taking up their posts. 

Dr Dalli, formerly Equality and European Affairs Minister, quit cabinet this week to focus on preparing for her test before MEPs.

Dr Muscat said in nominating Dr Dalli to the role, the Labour government had again shown its commitment to equality. 

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