A man who had been playing a game of billiards with Chantelle Chetcuti minutes before she was fatally stabbed outside a Żabbar club, on Tuesday recalled the gruesome sight of the victim with a knife lodged in her head.

Sylvan Medina described the scene in the compilation of evidence against Justin Borg, who is accused of murdering his former girlfriend Ms Chetcuti.

Mr Medina said he and Ms Chetcuti were having a drink while playing billiards at St Patrick’s Club in the evening of February 2 when she spotted a certain 'Dylan' entering the club.

“Once he’s here, the other one [her ex] will know,” she told Mr Medina.

Sure enough, a short while later, her former partner Justin Borg arrived.

He went up to Ms Chetcuti and insisted that they needed to talk. She tried to shrug off his efforts, going around the billiards table, seemingly ignoring him.

At one point, Mr Borg turned to Mr Medina and told him: “Do you mind if I talk to her?” 

“I won’t get between you,” Mr Medina replied.

Once the game was over, Ms Chetcuti walked out of the club with Mr Borg.

Minutes later, a stranger came in yelling for help.

“Call the police! Call an ambulance,” he shouted.

Mr Medina said he rushed outside and saw Chantelle Chetcuti lying on the ground, a knife handle sticking out at the side of her head.

The man who had called out for help – Antonio Mangion - also testified on Tuesday.

He said he had been driving his children home when he spotted a couple standing outside the club.

Through his car mirror, he saw the man swing his arm at the woman twice, and she immediately collapsed.

“He must have knocked her down,” Mr Mangion said he thought to himself as he got out to check if the woman needed help.

Meanwhile, he said the man walked away to his car, parked near the church, and drove off. 

Mr Mangion said he panicked upon seeing the knife embedded in the woman’s head.

She was lying face down, face partly covered with her hair, one arm outstretched, barely moving.

The accused turned himself in

Police constable Dexter Agius told the court that Justin Borg had later that Sunday, at around 8.20pm, turned up at police headquarters, clothes bloodstained, blood seeping from a wound on his hand and in a state of shock.

“I have just stabbed my girlfriend,” he told him at the gate before collapsing onto a chair.

PC Agius said he called the Rapid Intervention Unit and an ambulance.

The case continues later this month.

Inspectors Kurt Zahra and Joanna Piscopo prosecuted. Lawyers Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri and Francesca Zarb are defence counsel.  Lawyer Lara Dimitrijevic appeared on behalf of the victim's family. 

Magistrate Rachel Montebello presided over the case. 

Article amended February 11, 2020: A previous version stated the victim's name as Charlene.

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