Jason Azzopardi has filed libel proceedings against Adrian Delia’s activist Vincent Borg, known as Ċensu l-Iswed, over “defamatory and foul lies” on Facebook.

On Wednesday Borg made some allegations about Azzopardi's private life in a social media post asking a series of questions on behalf of party members about the PN before Delia's leadership.

He later edited the post, removing the reference to Azzopardi. 

Borg, known to provide security and chauffeur services to Delia, also directed a question at Bernard Grech, a possible contender for the party's leadership race. When did you first “subscribe with the PN”?, he asked.

He warned Grech not to be part of the “rebel group” as their only scope was to destroy Delia. 

Borg also referred to alleged payments that PN MPs Claudette Buttigieg and Karl Gouder received from the party. 

Azzopardi called out Borg as the “provider of certain services to the PN leader”. 

“I will not let anyone, more so [Borg], with his reputation, to lie about me,” he said, adding that he was aware of a “diabolic plan against him by the criminal web” within the two main parties.

Azzopardi added that he will be donating the money he expects to win through this libel case to Puttinu Cares and Dar tal-Providenza. 


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