The plea bargaining deal struck by the Attorney General’s office with a man involved in the 2010 HSBC failed heist was nothing less than a “slap in the face” for all members of the corps, according to the Malta Police Union.

The claim was made by the union in a judicial protest filed on Friday, days after it urged the AG to “join the next gunfight” in a statement reacting to the plea deal.

In its protest, it once again invited the AG’s Office to the next gunfight where officers carried out acts of bravery risking their own lives. 

The union said it was “troubled, confused and disgusted” by the chief prosecutor’s compromise with a person who had directly fired at police officers. 

This was nothing less than “a slap in the face” of its members and the police corps in general, who performed such acts of bravery even at great personal risks in life-threatening situations.

The message sent out by such a move was that it had completely disregarded the fact that police officers were ready to sacrifice their lives in the fight against criminality.

It was easy to sign off such a compromise at “the strike of a pen” when sitting at a desk, protested the union. 

But such a violent incident had greatly impacted officers who were involved at the scene of the gunfight. Moreover, the outcome of this plea bargaining deal has demoralised members of the corps, prompting certain officers, including those in high positions, to move out of the sector, knowing they were not valued. 

Other prospective candidates are now having second thoughts about joining the corps, concluded the union, holding the office of the AG responsible for damages. 

Lawyer David Bonello signed the judicial protest filed in the First Hall, Civil Court. 

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