Mark Anthony Sammut, the former president of the PN executive council, will not be contesting PN's leadership.

One of the those touted as potential leadership candidate since the party members voted for an election, Sammut said on Friday that he will instead work to bring about the needed "radical change". 

Roberta Metsola and Therese Comodini Cachia, also withdrew as possible leadership contenders. It is understood they have agreed to throw their weight behind Bernard Grech as a ‘unity candidate’. 

Sammut said that over the past few days he has been urged to contest the election, with hundreds offering their support to help him make the PN the "place where we can dream and build a bright future".

The PN, he said, was going through difficult times, however, it was also the opportune moment to "unite, strengthen, renew, and, above all, offer Malta an alternative, credible, and organised opposition and government".

Politics have never been a matter of ambition, Sammut said.

"I have always served and I'm always willing to serve for the greater good. Even when I took the tough decision to step down as president of the executive, I believed that this was the last resort to get the message across that a radical change was needed.

"In light of all this I have come to the conclusion that my candidacy for party leader is not the only contribution I can make to achieve the goals that the people and our country expect of us," he said on Friday.

He insisted he will be at the forefront to bring about the radical change and see the contribution of more young people, students and women.

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