Independent MP Marlene Farrugia has said she is “disgusted” by the two political parties’ decisions over her bill to decriminalise abortion.

“This is beyond crazy, a hilarious tragedy and, coming from the Labour Party, a very poor statement,” Farrugia told Times of Malta.

The PL said in reaction to her bill on Friday that it chokes debate on a sensitive issue.

“This is a complete lie. How can the Labour Party say that having a discussion on a parliamentary level chokes discussion?”

“Different bills have been discussed in parliament before, how is this one any different? So, when parliament finally discusses cannabis, will that choke the debate? This is a very poor move from the Labour Party,” she contended.

She also expressed disgust at seeing the Nationalist Party going against the bill, just hours after it was announced.

“This was an opportunity for the party to have a healthy discussion, instead it shows its true colours, being completely far-right and conservative,” Farrugia said.

The two parties had shown they refuse to discuss the challenges faced by women and, instead, continue to hold on to their power and status quo.

“How can the two political parties continue to discuss equality but refuse to speak about this?”

“They just do not want to decriminalise abortion to keep women under their filthy heel,” she said.

“They want to retain access to arbitrary justice.”

Since announcing the bill, Farrugia said her inbox had been flooded with messages from patients and individuals both for and against the bill.

“There were some who tried to twist and discredit my message and fuel people with lies, whilst others supported my decision.”

Farrugia said she will continue to push for a healthy discussion on decriminalising abortion and for women to have full control of their choices.

When asked, she said no one had had the "balls" to threaten her but, if they did, she would be ready to take the time to explain the bill to them.

“I understand that this topic is sensitive,” she said.

“That is why we should openly speak about it, to remove this sense of stigma and taboo that women face. If a woman says she has had an abortion, she risks becoming a criminal. What good would that do?”

Shutting down the discussion straightaway only caused further damage to society.

“They think we can improve as a country just by adding a few more female members to Parliament instead of bringing change through open discussions,” she said.

“Was there ever any change which did not cause a shake-up before it happened? All great changes were brought about through protest, discussion and communication. Only then can we have a better society.”

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