Former deputy police commissioner Silvio Valletta has “categorically denied” giving information about the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigations. 

In a statement on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Valletta said he had never passed on any information about the case to third parties. He was reacting to revelations that emerged during the compilation of evidence against the alleged murder mastermind Yorgen Fenech earlier in the day. 

In Wednesday’s sitting, recordings between the businessman and self-confessed middleman Melvin Theuma were played out.

“The only information that I passed on was while carrying out my duties,” Mr Valletta said moments after the case was adjourned. 

He also pointed out he could only do so up until June 13, 2018, since after that date he was no longer part of the investigation. 

In one of the recordings played on Wednesday, a certain Valletta l-oħxon was mentioned, which Mr Theuma said is a reference to Mr Valletta. 

Mr Theuma also claimed Mr Valletta gave information about the murder to Mr Fenech.

"It’s him 100%,” Mr Theuma insisted. 

“Mr Fenech used to tell me that Mr Valletta used to pass on information to him.

He’ll be mentioned further on in the recordings,” he said. 

Last month, Times of Malta had revealed the close friendship between Mr Valletta and Mr Fenech, which then led to the resignation of Mr Valletta’s wife, former Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana. 

Times of Malta had reported how, on September 29, 2018, Mr Valletta, who had been part of the team of investigators working on Ms Caruana Galizia's case, travelled to London with the business tycoon to watch a football match at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge stadium. 

At the time, Mr Fenech had already been identified as a suspect in the case. Mr Valletta later denied knowing that Mr Fenech was under investigation. 

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