A total of 24 COVID-19 patients contracted the novel virus from hospital, newly-published data by the health authorities has revealed. 

The figures, compiled by the Superintendence of Public Health, provide an insight into the different types of cases the country is dealing with, including the 24 cases from within the hospital. 

The data does not state how many of these were hospital staff who picked up the virus while on duty. However, on Tuesday, Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci confirmed during her daily briefing that 19 healthcare workers from Mater Dei have tested positive for coronavirus since the first case on March 7.

As of Wednesday, Malta had registered 399 coronavirus cases, with the majority of these contracting the virus through what is known as community transmission. This is when it is unclear where the patient contracted the virus from. 

According to figures, there are 201 such cases. 

Of the remaining cases, 86 were imported while a further 88 were the result of an epidemiological link - meaning the patient contracted the virus after being in contact with another who had tested positive. 

Malta has seen an increase in the number of cases almost every day since the first case was reported. The number of new cases has been in single figures since Sunday. A spike of 52 cases, the highest daily tally so far, was registered on April 7.

Three patients have died of the novel virus while 44 have recovered. The majority of Malta’s patients are not in hospital but recovering at home.


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