Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Sunday said the government would see through the entire legislature. 

Speaking during a phone interview on ONE Radio, Dr Muscat said the government had been given an unprecedented mandate to lead. 

Whilst appearing to rule out an early election, Dr Muscat did not deny reports that he plans to step down in the coming months. 

Dr Muscat said he remained focused on continuing to lead the country during this difficult period. 

“I will remain focused on leading this country, as is my duty. My duty is not to abdicate. I am not a fair-weather sailor. This is a delicate time. I believe it is my duty to lead the country during this time,” Dr Muscat said. 

He said the institutions should be given the time and space to carry out their work in the coming hours and days and he would be there during this period to assure the country kept moving forward. 

“I am totally focused on leading the country,” he repeated. 

The arrest of business magnate Yorgen Fenech and his links to Dr Muscat’s chief of staff Keith Schembri and Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi have placed growing strain on the Prime Minister’s leadership. 

Dr Muscat said this week’s developments in the Daphne Caruana Galizia case showed that Malta’s institutions work. 

He said these institutions, which had been the subject of harsh criticism in Malta and abroad, had given their answer while working in silence. 

Dr Muscat said he had invested time in defending these institutions throughout the last months. 

He also said he took the “unprecedented” step of promising a pardon to the suspected middleman in Ms Caruana Galizia’s assassination. 

“I did this because I believe it was the best way to move things forward”. 

The Prime Minister said he had no problem in taking a step back from providing information about the ongoing investigations. 

Dr Muscat has faced criticism about the amount of information he is apparently receiving about the case and his conflict of interest given Mr Schembri’s and Dr Mizzi’s links to Yorgen Fenech. 

“Before I was being criticised about the lack of updates. Now I am being criticised for providing updates”. 

The Prime Minister drew a parallel with how former Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami had announced the details of a secret service operation implicating members of the judiciary in corruption. 

Dr Muscat said he felt he had been more prudent in the level of details he had given, reminding that Dr Fenech Adami’s comments had led to a Constitutional case. 

He hit out at the mixed messages being given by the Opposition, who after walking out of Parliament on Wednesday, demanded an urgent meeting of the House a few days later. 

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