Former energy minister Konrad Mizzi has again been summoned to a parliamentary committee to testify about the Electrogas power station project.

He refused to appear before the Public Accounts Committee last week, calling its investigation a "partisan attack" on a project that has brought “many benefits" to the country.  

The committee, chaired by Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami, is made up four Labour and three Nationalist MPs. It has yet to receive word from Mizzi on whether he intends to attend the sitting at 3pm on Wednesday.  

As an MP, Mizzi has the right to refuse to appear as a witness. Opposition MPs say he has a duty to do so. 

The Electrogas power station project, which Mizzi helped negotiate during his tenure as energy minister, has been subject to claims of corruption. It was identified as a possible motive for the 2017 murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

A Times of Malta investigation last week also revealed that Mizzi had passed on confidential documents related to major projects to former Electrogas director Yorgen Fenech. 

Last year, Mizzi was hauled in for police questioning for 24 hours as part of a trading-in-influence investigation linked to Fenech, although no prosecutions have since been forthcoming. 

Later that month Mizzi refused to a answer questions put to him by the public inquiry board looking into Caruana Galizia’s death, insisting only that he never took kickbacks from government projects. 

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