The government is proposing legislation that would allow people to check with the police whether their partner has any history of domestic violence.

This way, people in a relationship would be better able to take an informed decision about their own safety and security, Parliamentary Secretary Rebecca Buttigieg said on Thursday, 

She was addressing the launch of a 16-day campaign titled Domestic Violence is Everyone's Business.

Just two days ago, Bernice Cassar was shot dead on her way to work, with the police believing the killing is a consequence of a history of domestic strife between her and her husband.  

On Thursday, the prime minister's wife Lydia Abela said that while no words could console Cassar's relatives, today, more than ever, people should come together to pass on the message that domestic violence was everyone's business.

Domestic violence commissioner Audrey Friggieri acknowledged the introduction of femicide in the criminal code as an important step but said more needed to be done. 

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