Head of the Valletta Cultural Agency Jason Micallef is again causing a stir on social media after mockingly calling singer and X Factor judge Alexandra Alden "Malta's Lady Gaga wannabe" after it was announced she would perform at Sunday's protest concert. 

Several indie musicians will be taking part in what is being dubbed a "national protest concert" as part of the latest anti-corruption demonstration taking place on Sunday

It is the latest in a series of protests in the wake of the arrest of prominent businessman Yorgen Fenech, who has been linked to corruption at the heart of government and has been charged with conspiring to murder journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Mr Micallef's post quickly started making the rounds online and while some of those commenting said they did not think Ms Alden should participate, others jumped to her defence saying she had every right to perform wherever she pleased. 

Some of those irked by the singer's decision said they believed that as part of the team of judges on the X Factor show, aired on national television, Ms Alden should not take part. 

Mr Micallef's post also prompted several others to resort to personal attacks against the singer, with several users commenting beneath the post hurling insults at Ms Alden. 

Some of the comments insulting singer and X Factor judge Alexandra Alden.Some of the comments insulting singer and X Factor judge Alexandra Alden.

One user said Ms Alden "could not even speak Maltese" while another said the singer is an "embarrassment". Another user commented: "God she's ugly". 

A number of users also called out Mr Micallef, saying the singer had every right to express herself and perform wherever she pleased. 

Several attempts to get in touch with Mr Micallef for a comment proved futile. 

In recent years, Mr Micallef made headlines over some of his Facebook posts, most notably one post in which he mimicked the slain journalist's last words. He had also vehemently opposed the memorial for Ms Caruana Galizia and had removed banners calling for justice in her murder.

A drummer taking part in Sunday's protest, Ian Schranz, told Times of Malta when contacted Mr Micallef's comments were "scary", insisting that those appointed to public roles should not be causing such a stir. 

"He clearly has no basic understanding of freedom of expression," Mr Schranz said.

Confirmed acts taking part on Sunday:

Cikku l-Poplu 

It is not yet clear whether Ms Alden will actually be participating. The concert will take place in Valletta on January 5 at 4.30pm.








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