About Us

Times of Malta was founded in 1935 by Lord Gerald Strickland, his wife Lady Strickland and daughter Mabel as an English-language daily newspaper. It is the oldest daily newspaper in Malta still in circulation and its website, timesofmalta.com, is the country’s most visited news site.

Times of Malta and its sister publication, The Sunday Times of Malta, are published by Allied Newspapers. The company’s majority shareholder is the Strickland Foundation.

The foundation was established in 1979 by Mabel Strickland. It is a charitable trust tasked with promoting democratic principles, human rights and a free press, upholding Malta’s European character, and helping to improve the standard of Maltese journalism.

Times of Malta prides itself on being independent. It is not affiliated to any external organisation or political party. Editors and journalists operate separately to Allied Newspapers’ commercial operations, and editors can only be removed by the company’s board of directors.

Journalists are required to follow a code of ethics that instructs them to:

  1. Seek the truth at all times
  2. Identify sources where possible
  3. Act independently and disclose any conflicts of interest to their editor
  4. Remain free of political associations or ties to activities that can damage the credibility of Times of Malta or compromise their integrity.

Times of Malta’s editor-in-chief is Herman Grech.