If an online casino doesn’t look right, then it probably isn’t. However, an unlicensed casino goes beyond the bad design of a landing page or an unresponsive customer care – the risks of playing at an unlicensed casinos are bigger, simply because they are often run by shady groups. 

Illegal casinos do not operate according to set regulations – and therefore those playing at an unlicensed casino run the risk of falling victims to money and identity theft. Moreover, players winning at an unlicensed casino could end up not getting paid at all. And this applies to players worldwide, including those trying their luck in Latvia. So what are the benefits of playing at a licensed casino which offers innovative, yet safe and secure payment options, like online casino Revolut?

Secure transactions 

Over the years, there have been many stories of people losing money due to insecure online transactions. But when playing at a licensed online casino – which normally offer various options to deposit and withdraw funds – the risks are much lower. Casinos operating under a trustworthy licensing regime are obliged to protect players’ funds as well as data – and therefore invest in the right resources and technology in order to be able to meet these licensing obligations. 

Game variety

Licensed and trustworthy casinos can offer a greater variety of games that suit players’ lifestyles and tastes. And that is because software and game providers are willing to work with licensed casinos – because their reputation is at stake if they don’t. That translates into a great game variety, from traditional to themed, 3D and progressive slots, old style tables, sports and live gambling. 

Moreover, games at licensed casinos are fair – because licensed casinos also invest a lot in responsible gaming. 


Casinos frequently offer great freebies and bonuses to new and loyal players – from welcome and no-deposit bonuses to free spins and VIP reload bonuses – as they want to attract custom. And that’s great. But if players get bonuses at unlicensed casinos, there is no guarantee that they actually get to enjoy these freebies, or that their money and identity are safe. 

At a licensed casino, players can play safe with the knowledge that they can enjoy their bonuses – and boost their bankroll or chances of winning – without any risk. 

Added fun

Gambling at a licensed casino is more fun – simply because players feel safe and therefore can relax and enjoy games without worrying about whether their identity is safe or whether they will actually get their winnings if they get lucky. 

And when things go wrong, players can seek advice and redress from customer care – as licensed casinos offer efficient and effective customer care at all times and in a variety of languages. 


When choosing an online casino where to invest a bit of time and money, players should always check out a casino’s licence details. The checklist should also include a look at game variety – and players should try out a casino’s customer support, just in case they experience issues with games or their accounts. 

Disclaimer: Play responsibly. Players must be over 18. For help visit https://www.gamcare.org.uk/.  

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