Affiliate marketing sounds like one of those things that requires a degree in rocket science to understand. But in reality it is very simple – and it involves one company spreading the responsibility of a product or service marketing to another company. This allows the former to leverage the marketing expertise of an affiliate company, while it can focus on its core business.

So, for instance, in online casinos and gambling, websites such as market a game publishers products – as well as special offers and promotions – to the end consumer, in exchange for a generous commission. These websites are known as affiliate websites and play a critical role in the online gambling industry, as they help operators strengthen their core markets, explore new ones, while driving substantial traffic to specific online casinos and gambling operators.

So how does one start exploring affiliate marketing, with the end goal being to get a slice of the pie?

Choose an area

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that one doesnt need to create or own a service or a product – you simply have to promote someone elses product and earn a commission for lead generation, referrals and sales. However, that simplyshould be taken seriously – as choosing what product or service you will be marketing needs expertise.

Create a platform

To promote a product or service, you obviously need a platform. But not just any platform – rather, you need a presence which complements the product or service that you are marketing. Moreover, the platform needs to attract traffic – which entails significant marketing efforts that translate into engagement. So yes, while building a website can only take a few hours – turning it into a popular, attractive platform requires time, effort and money.

Content is king

Gone are the days when you could shift a product by simply creating some nice ad banners with a catchy call to action. Nowadays, platforms build significant traffic through content. And not just any random content with affiliate links thrown in – but interesting narratives that stand out from the proverbial crowd. So invest time and effort in creating complex content with crafted key words that reaches and engages your target audience – content that helps convince a potential customer that the product or service they are considering is worth their time and money.

Only convert

Building a good following and engagement of your platform is only half the battle. The other half is to convert this engagement into leads and sales. And its not as simple as, for instance, two followers translating into two leads or sales. Its much more complex than that. So its important for affiliate marketeers to translate their following and engagement into leads and sales – after all, the better the conversion rate, the better the commission.

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