Waterproofing your home in Malta and Gozo can be a bit of a hassle. However, it’s a huge investment that will present you with a myriad of advantages in the long run. Waterproofing is oftentimes omitted from planning and construction phases, as it is not always looked at as a vital aspect of site preparation.

Whether you have a newly built apartment or a seasoned house of character, the quality of both the interior and exterior surfaces of your home is highly dependent on sealing out dampness and moisture. 

It promotes longevity

Waterproofing compounds and systems, particularly when applied by a professional workman, will present your home with long-lasting effects – a worthy investment that will benefit you and your home in the long run. By waterproofing concrete, masonry, and other cement-based materials, you increase the structure's longevity and toughness. A structure may incur a number of issues like deterioration or damage if it is not protected from external liquids.

It controls temperature

Many homeowners strive to turn their home into a space where climate and temperatures are steady throughout the year – this will ensure that your utility costs won't increase drastically each time a season changes. This is made possible with a waterproofing compound applied to building exteriors. Your home will stay comfortable in hot weather and warm in cold weather if your roof is waterproof.

It increases property value

Another advantage of waterproofing is that it increases the property’s value. The application of waterproofing compounds stops unwanted dampness from penetrating your walls and mould from growing. Additionally, waterproofing systems guard against water seepage damage, which can undermine your building’s structural integrity. 

Your home will stay comfortable in hot weather and warm in cold weather if your roof is waterproof.Your home will stay comfortable in hot weather and warm in cold weather if your roof is waterproof.

It stops decay

Old metal or wooden beams can rust and deteriorate due to moisture. This can eventually become hazardous for the building’s structure, and might even pose a risk to inhabitants in the long run. Waterproofing should also be done to basements and cellars, as these openings are susceptible to rising dampness or in some cases, flooding. If your beams get damaged or your basement floods, you’d need to tackle it, something which might be costly – which brings us to the next point.

It prevents costly repairs

The weather has a heavy impact on your building’s structure, particularly during the damp winter months. Heavy rain and extreme heat can both lead to a range of issues both indoors and outdoors – making it absolutely crucial to provide your building with ample and reliable waterproofing solutions.

Discover waterproofing contractors available in Malta and Gozo.

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