The Green Party, on Saturday, approved their manifestos for the upcoming European Parliament and Local Council elections this June.  

The ADPD candidates running for local councils and those contesting for a seat at the European Parliament (EP) were also approved during the party’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).  

Ralph Cassar, Rachelle Deguara, and Mina Jack Tolu will run for the EP elections alongside party chair Sandra Gauci.  

“If you want to send a strong message loud and clear, you must get out to vote – do not stay at home and let others decide upon your behalf," Gauci said. 

"It is worth voting green because we are working for a modern country with the quality of life you deserve,” she told the media following her party’s AGM.  

The Greens will look to strengthen the EU's social and environmental policies, particularly to boost the fight against climate change. 

More renewable energy, reducing pollution, the protection of natural life, sustainable agriculture is how they want to achieve this. 

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ADPD also wants to make housing more affordable by introducing rent control and promoting longer rental contracts. 

"We will work for a European plan for affordable housing to fund investment in decent and affordable housing," the manifesto reads. 

The manifesto also proposes measures on education, artificial intelligence, and good governance, among other issues. 

Gauci questioned excessive campaign spending among candidates on the tickets of Malta’s two large parties.  

“Some of the activities observed amongst some candidates from the two main parties makes one wonder as to who is behind such financing and what is being compromised in the process,” she said.  

The Broadcasting Authority also favour the PL and PN when it comes to the radio and television time that they are allowed to have, she said.  

For local councils, ADPD–the Green Party, is presenting candidates for Attard, Balzan, Birkirkara, Pietà, Birżebbuġa, Marsascala, and St Paul’s Bay.  

If elected, ADPD councillors will work for greater transparency, financial governance, and the consolidation of local democracy, Gauci said.   

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