The online gaming market is shaped by avid gamers who dedicate their time and financial assets to video games. These players give rise to gaming sites and casinos, which influence the economy and each other, giving everyone opportunities to participate in the field and profit from it. Malta, albeit a small EU Mediterranean island country, has experienced the impact of online gaming with the intervention of casinos and the monetisation of popular video games.

The rise of CS2 casinos and their economic impact

With the online gaming sector contributing to more than €1.56 billion of Malta’s GDP or over 10 per cent of the nation’s total GDP, Malta has served as a flourishing center for online gaming businesses. Since the country enacted gaming regulations, more than 300 internet gaming companies have become known to gamers. As the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, online gaming Malta has been critical in shaping the island’s economy.

Catering to the Counter-Strike 2 community, CS2 casinos have emerged to give these social gamers a place to gamble on the most valuable accessories, such as weapon skins and modifications. As prospering trading centres, Counter-Strike 2 gambling houses let their users buy, sell, and compete for skins worth up to thousands of dollars.

Spotlight on – A case study

Founded by Rush Clash Entertainment, is a renowned CS2 casino using technology in gaming for user engagement. Its premier case unboxing feature proves it to be unique, allowing gamers to open a case daily and receive skin for their character and weapons. As a casino, provides a number of game modes where users can earn a substantial amount in skins - these customizations are stored in a balance system rather than in inventory.

The platform has entertainment for many types of gamers, whether they prefer skill-based or chance-based casino-style games. They have the opportunity to play solo games like Slots, Minesweeper, and Jackpot to earn the most expensive skins. The site has a Case Opening mode with boxes containing coins and mystery skins.

Alternatively, features multiplayer games like Case Battles, where two players compete against each other to win the highest value in skins. This thrilling game mode is a test of wit and luck and an opportunity to unlock rare custom gear. provides financial options for every player – they can deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DogeCoin, and traditional currencies, such as euros and the US dollar. With crypto payments as an option and the gambling site’s SSL encryption, gamers can experience safe transactions.

Community engagement and responsible gaming

In an effort to engage the community and promote safe gaming practices, performs giveaways and hosts contests on its social media accounts, with rewards including cases, on-platform coins, and gear. The gambling website’s customer support team is available 24/7 to help users with questions and issues. has implemented a provably fair betting system through seeds and algorithms, which make every chance to win completely random. If players find themselves gambling irresponsibly, the platform allows them to ban themselves temporarily from their accounts. It also provides links to hotlines and problematic gambling resources.

Gamers cannot register with the casino and immediately start playing. They must undergo its Know-Your-Customer process and verify their age with supporting documents. As an additional layer of security, allows users to sign up for two-factor authentication.

Click here to explore more of the features has to offer and how it motivates the community to engage in responsible gaming.

The future of gaming in Malta

Malta’s online gaming market can expect to grow in user count and revenue. It currently has a projected annual growth rate of 6.24 per cent, meaning its predicted value will reach €2.95 billion by 2028. As the user penetration rate increases from 10.9 per cent in 2023 to 11.8 per cent in 2028, the number of active users is forecast to reach 52.8k. As more competitive gamers contribute to market growth and CS2 casinos open their doors for them, the future of online gaming in Malta is vivid.

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