Marketers and owners of various companies began to create QR codes and place them on the packaging of products and goods, used them to replace the physical menu in a restaurant, and actively involved them in advertising campaigns.

List of top dynamic QR code generators

  1. 🥇 ViralQR - the most optimal portal to create QR codes.
  2. QrcoDeal - the most favorable combination of ease of navigation and functionality.
  3. QRCodeGenerator - the best QR code generator pro for simple one-time and commercial customers.

The clever work of the black and white images depends on how well it was generated. In this situation, it is worth using proven software:

🥇 ViralQR

SCORE: 9.6/10

The presented platform with user friendly interface fully meets this requirement if you are looking for the best QR code generator. The proposed tool is trusted by numerous private clients and leading modern brands. The generated 2D images have been scanned millions of times by users worldwide. The program offers a paid version and an accessible format that can be used to create QR codes. From the frame to the background color, the user can customize every aspect of the finished image so that it expresses a unique style as best as possible.

With this customisation, it will be possible to maintain a personalized brand image. But the program is also equipped with all the advanced features to track the number of image scans and perform other actions.

The site provides additional helpful information materials that will help newcomers to get started correctly.The site provides additional helpful information materials that will help newcomers to get started correctly.

With the help of the presented program, you can select any source data type and make a Vcard QR code types, convert plain text, website URLs, link to Wi-Fi hotspots, email addresses, social networks, and much more. You can create dynamic QR codes and static images. But note that the latter are not editable or traceable via marketing efforts.

As for the design of the software, the site has a relatively simple one. With the principle of interaction with the service, everyone can understand without problems. The portal is manageable with the necessary elements. The program offers the best QR code generator pro on the site so the user can get acquainted with the principle of action. In addition, the site provides additional helpful information materials that will help newcomers to get started correctly.

The advantages of the service are:

  • Straightforward user friendly interface, which a beginner can easily master
  • Fast generation
  • Possibility to create dynamic QR codes and static images
  • The service processes a variety of information - from the link to the site to text information
  • Availability of accessible trial format
  • Google Analytics data tracking

Separately, it should be noted that this reliable QR generator also has a paid plan. The latter implies a broader set of tools - an unlimited number of created images, track multiple generated QR codes, and other advanced features. The portal offers optimal democratic prices for paid subscriptions. The multiple QR codes version is refined if you only want a one-time site use. But if you plan a full-fledged advertising campaign or project, you should buy a subscription.

What are the different types of QR codes that can be generated using ViralQR?

To the most basic and commonly used type of QR code, three kinds of information are often encrypted create custom QR codes: basic and popular information.

  1. Link/ website URL’s QR-code. Generated QR codes can encrypt links to web resources and present them as an image. When scanned, the code can instantly open the website. These codes are often used in advertising materials, digital business cards, and packages to provide the user with additional information online. They're a convenient and fast way to access sites without having to manually enter long web addresses.
  2. Wi-Fi. Customizable QR codes encode links to web resources into an image. When the code is scanned, it immediately opens the website. These quick response codes are commonly used in advertising materials, digital business cards, and packaging to provide users with additional online information. They offer a quick and convenient way to access websites without manually entering long website URLs.
  3. Plain text. Generated QR codes containing plain text are designed to encode and transmit short messages in the form of a scanned image. They are convenient to place in educational literature, catalogues, or information stands where important text information needs to be provided in a compact form. This way, you can avoid cluttering the main content with unnecessary plain text.

QR Code GeneratorQR Code Generator

QR information types

Generate QR codes - can be used to simplify the exchange of contact information. Instead of manually entering a phone number or email address, a user can scan the code and be immediately redirected to call or create a new email to a specified recipient. This makes sharing contact information quicker and easier, per Google analytics, for instance.

  1. vCard QR. This feature lets you quickly exchange contacts by scanning codes, which will be automatically added to your phone book. This is more convenient (user friendly interface) than traditional paper business cards, as it saves time and reduces errors when entering data manually. These codes are relevant in various settings, such as at exhibitions or in advertising booklets, as they allow for prompt transfer of contacts to the target audience. Moreover, one can track data via Google analytics.
  2. Email, Phone Call, SMS Messages QR Code. Quick response codes of this type, upon scanning, enable automatic calls, SMS messages compositions, or letter sending without the need for manual data input. They are commonly placed on websites with analytics tracking, business cards, and marketing materials to facilitate customer communication. This feature saves time and prevents errors during manual data entry.


SCORE: 9.3/10

QRcoDeal occupies second place in our rating of the best programs. It is a modern bulk QR code generator pro with simple navigation and quick output of ready-made images. The site uses a straightforward three-step process to create dynamic QR codes or static with unlimited validity. A minimum of actions is required from the user:

  1. First, you must enter the content (website URLs or any other type)
  2. Next, gently customize the design to stand out and clearly match your brand’s style. For example, you can set a transparent background or a specific color. In addition, you can use unique custom QR code analytics templates
  3. After the final design, you only need to generate QR codes and download the finished image in suitable vector graphics .png, .svg, or .pdf.

Once you go to the official site, you can see quite a lot of space, making the QR code generation process more pleasant and accessible. The design doesn’t look outdated. Instead of having to click on endless buttons and scroll through vast chunks of text, you can quickly see how to proceed. The site is as simple as possible, understandable, and quite fast in functioning.

The main marketing strategies of this service is that the ready-made images are great for marketing materials. They can be easily used for business cards, packages of various products, advertising banners, labels, and stickers.

Why choose QRcoDeal

  • Maximum ease of navigation on the site
  • The service processes a variety of input data - social networks, text, and others
  • Relatively fast QR code generation
  • The ability to customize the image
  • The ability to track
  • Integration of ready-made pictures into a variety of printed products

The presented service is one of the most popular tools for creating a two-dimensional image. Not only does it offer a large number of customizations, but also the user does not even need to register to develop static QR codes.


In addition, the service is available in more than just an accessible format. The site provides a paid subscription, which gives a more extensive set of tools and advanced settings. Also, unlimited dynamic QR codes can be created only with a paid tariff.

QR Code Generator

SCORE: 9.2/10

Reliable QR Code Generator positions itself as the best QR code generator pro for creating two-dimensional scanned images. With the help of this service, it is possible to create customized QR codes in whole batches (it refers to static QR codes). The presented portal works almost identically to any dynamic QR code generator, quickly and without problems generating two-dimensional images.

First, the user must choose the optimal custom QR code generator or paid PRO package. Registering and creating your account is imperative, and it applies even to the accessible format. To do it, click the “Start” button on the site and select a tariff.

The service offers a decent assortment of settings. You can use the program presented to add your company logo or change the design of the image. The only nuance of the work with the service is that buying a subscription is necessary first to get access to the creation of dynamic QR codes.

Advantages of dynamic QR code generators service

  • Great for custom projects;
  • It is possible to make dynamic QR codes or static images with logos;
  • The service supports dynamic and static QR codes;
  • A wide range of tools to change the format of the picture.

Tariffs start from $11.99. The PRO rate opens up additional possibilities for the software - the user can create up to 10 dynamic codes and keep track of them, which cannot be done in the dynamic QR code generator.

4. Minimalistic site with a vast selection of tools -

5. Understandable site with a complete set of functions - Beaconstac.

SCORE: 9.2/10

It’s quite an excellent two-dimensional image reliable QR code generator pro. The official site offers a fairly straightforward interface and a complete static and dynamic image tools.


SCORE: 9.0/10

This platform focuses more on commercial customers who want to run full-fledged advertising campaigns. The generator provides complete data protection and fast QR code generation.

Delving deeper into the concept of creating QR codes: A complete beginner’s guide

The global pandemic has caused the fact that all over the world, business owners and users have started to use the presented dynamic codes in their everyday life. At the same time, Forbes has made a braver statement and mentioned that if it weren’t for the coronavirus, these two-dimension pictures would have most likely remained in the past. It is worth admitting that downloading QR codes have already conquered our modern life. Currently, they are used not only for contactless interaction (looking through the menu and others), but it is relatively comfortable to mark products with their help.

These images have universal applications and simple rules of use. But only some understand static and dynamic QR codes, their differences, what they do, and how their makers work. Precisely for this situation, we have created our full-fledged guide. We have considered the most popular questions, giving detailed answers to them.

What is a QR code and what is its purpose?

For the first time, the represented two-dimensional images appeared in Japan. The full name QR is deciphered as Quick Response. Their main peculiarity is that they are relatively easy and quick to read with the help of a cell phone. These images take the information from the temporary media and transfer it to your smartphone. Most often, these pictures of black and white squares can be seen on advertising banners, Internet sites, printed magazines, or even on articles of clothing.

Once the smartphone unlimited scans it, it will provide complete information about the business (showing the user its location). Or it will give information about a specific person wearing clothes with a code, showing the URL where you can click to see a movie or a trailer. Or it can provide access to a special coupon that can be used in the future in a store to get a discount.

Generated QR code image is much more helpful than a traditional barcode, as the former can store (as well as provide digitally) much more information. It includes URL links, geodata, and more. Also, another key feature is that to scan, and there is no need to use a special massive handheld scanner. An ordinary smartphone will quickly cope with this task.

What is a QR code maker and how does it work?

QR code campaign software online is a program that creates a two-dimensional image based on the given information. With its help, it can encode various data (from a link to a virtual resource to a social network or a text) in a black-and-white square image. A user has to open a particular website and enter all the necessary source data, choose the appropriate settings for the resulting image, and then download the finished picture in a suitable format.

The main action is hidden from the user’s eyes. Modern QR code generators are created so the client is the most comfortable interacting with the program. The toolbar is quite simple. Many services also provide a step-by-step guide so that even a beginner can understand how to create QR codes.

Do QR codes expire?

Static QR codes don't have an expiration date, but certain factors can affect their effectiveness. One of the primary factors that can make a static QR code unscannable is physical damage or obstruction. If the code's pattern or alignment is disturbed due to any external factors, including wear and tear, its functionality is affected. Another crucial factor is the digital content to which the QR code points.

Even though the basic QR code structure remains the same, the content or destination it points to can change or become inaccessible over time. For instance, if a static QR code directs users to a specific website, and later that website is deactivated, or its URL is changed, the QR code will continue functioning, but the linked destination will be unreachable. Thus, regularly verifying the content that the QR code links to is both active and relevant is essential to ensure its effectiveness over time.

Adhering to certain marketing campaigns practices is crucial to ensure the optimal use of QR codes and maintain their relevance over time. Our comprehensive guide on QR code best practices will provide expert tips and tricks.

How can dynamic QR code benefit my business?

Whether it's to enhance your customer's shopping experience, increase your social media engagement or transform your marketing, here are a few key examples of including QR codes in your marketing strategy:

Direct customers to landing pages

Password protected QR codes are an excellent tool for businesses to guide their customers to the desired location. When there are unlimited scans of a QR code, they can be directed to a specific landing page or signup page without navigating through a website. Furthermore, unique QR codes can be easily tracked, allowing businesses to monitor their performance.

Streamline ordering

QR codes streamline the buyer's transaction process by offering self-service and contactless payment options. By using QR codes, customers can access menus, order and pay, or be directed to a particular product and complete the transaction independently.

Share business information

QR codes enable you to share critical business information (analytics tracking) without sending an email or other marketing communications. Customers can scan the QR code to access information such as the business address, WiFi network, event details, and other business-related communications.

Gather customer data

Generating a QR code scans is an excellent lead-generation method. Scanning a QR code can direct customers to a signup page or a customer survey that allows them to obtain a discount or voucher or share their interests and opinions on their own devices.

Are there analytics for dynamic QR codes?

Utilizing dynamic QR codes enables digital marketing experts to gain unique insights into consumer behavior. By tracking QR code scanning activities, marketers can learn about the devices their audience prefers to use and the time of day when users typically scan.

Moreover, generated QR Code analytics can be used to measure the performance of marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to optimize future campaigns and allocate resources efficiently. For instance, assigning a unique dynamic QR code to each ad enables marketers to count the number of unlimited scans for each ad. This information can help determine whether consumers were interested enough in the ad to act on it, indicating the ad's performance.

Additionally, QR code analytics can be utilized to A/B test different components of ads, including location, image, copy, or QR code calls to action. By collecting scan data from other campaigns, marketers can use it as a benchmark for overall ad and QR code campaigns performance.

Common use cases for dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR codes have become essential in modern businesses due to their versatility. They are used for various purposes, such as inventory management, event ticketing, payment processing, marketing campaigns, and contactless menu ordering. The codes can store changing data, which makes it easier to update product information, track attendee registrations, facilitate secure transactions, and enhance customer engagement.

Dynamic QR codes are also helpful for time-sensitive promotions, loyalty programs, and accessing digital content. Their adaptability across various industries makes them indispensable tools for efficient communication, seamless transactions, and enhancing user experiences.

How does the QR code work?

From the beginning, these images were created in Japan for use in the automobile industry. With time, full-fledged marketing QR code campaigns began to develop, as these images are characterized by a significant capacity and can transfer a large volume of information to consumers. It can’t be said about the package or advertising of the goods.

Here is a great practical example: the consumer sees this two-dimensional image. They can easily pick up the smartphone, download a free app to scan it (if their camera can’t do it by itself) and scan it to get as much information about what they saw as possible. These pictures are pretty versatile to use. You can use them to create just about anything: print ads, ads for your podcast at the bus stop, distribution of coupons and other discount offers, business cards, and more. And it’s all easy to scan with your phone.

What are dynamic QR codes?

Dynamic QR code is an editable image that can be changed as often as required. There is no need to recreate the image or reprint it on a new typographic product. The user can easily update only small code details or change the URL altogether while avoiding annoying 404 errors.

Besides, one of the undoubted advantages of this image is that the QR code generators can track additional information. Use Google Analytics tools to monitor the number of unlimited scans, locations, and which tools are read from. Best QR code generators have a full-fledged data tracking system so that the creator can evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

What is the combinations of types of QR codes and what is the difference?

Trackable QR codes are divided into more than static or dynamic codes. There are also QR code types:

  • URL QR code. It can be dynamic and static. It is used to turn the landing page of a virtual site into a graphic image.
  • vCard. With this code, you can create a business card and provide access to a resume, email box, and any other contact information. Also, these custom QR codes are great for coding a social network.
  • File formats. The presented code can only be dynamic. You can encrypt various MP4, PDF files, and PNG files in Jpeg format.
  • Social network QR code campaigns. It’s a special kind of dynamic code that can be used to bring diverse social media platforms together. Now, to access your social network, you only need to point your phone at a two-dimensional image, and your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp profile will be automatically opened.
  • Wi-Fi. This code can only be static. With it, you can significantly simplify the connection to the access point. For the phone to have wireless Internet, you need to point the camera at the code, and the device will immediately connect. This code option is trendy among cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

Depending on preferences and main goals of analytics tracking, the user can choose the optimal type of code.

What criteria must the best QR code generator meet?

Specific QR code generators may be more advanced than another. If you are in search of the best resource, it is worth paying attention to essential parameters, which include:

  • Creating editable two-dimensional images. The service should allow you to create various types of codes - editable and uneditable, providing several choices for the user. Each class is designed for its tasks.
  • Mass creation and management of codes. The services can be used once, but a custom QR code can also be created in unlimited quantities.
  • A vast set of tools and advanced customization options. Many QR code generators provide unique customization options, so the static or dynamic QR code campaigns can be unique and designed according to the brand’s style.
  • Tracking option. With its help, you can control the number of scans, from which point in the world they were made, and other vital parameters. This tool is precious for marketers who want to evaluate the effectiveness of the ongoing advertising campaign and get complete statistics.
  • Maximum security of personal data and a guarantee of confidentiality. All the data you enter into the custom QR generator should be protected. Moreover, the user who will scan the image from the phone should be secured.
  • Integration with other tools for analytics tracking. Before you create images, ensure the platform is compatible with your CRM and the different kinds of tools that you actively use in your work.

The best QR code platform should meet all of the above parameters. If you don’t want to look for exemplary service by yourself, you can use our expert rating. Above, we have listed the best trustworthy services and provide a complete set of all the necessary tools. In addition, we’ve also added a full review of each service for maximum ease of selection.


How to make a quick response code?

Dynamic QR code generators works on the same principle as a static one. The creation process is straightforward, no matter what device you use to access the site. We offer you to get acquainted with the detailed step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to the chosen reliable QR code generator site.

You can open your browser and enter the name of the selected software to create a 2D image. In particular, you can choose a suitable site from our top 5 portals.

  1. Enter the source data.

Most often, a URL is used for redirection. In this situation, you should type it into the corresponding line on the service page. Besides, the user can also redirect to any other kinds of content - text messages, contact information, MP3 files, and many others. Many modern services provide many options for creating black-and-white scanned pictures. On the sites, you can immediately select the type of content you prefer, after which an appropriate form or field will appear where you can enter all the necessary information.

  1. Specify individual settings.

The most exciting thing about the generation of these images is that you can customize the design according to personal preferences. Users have plenty of room for imagination - you can add a logo, change the background color so that the code displays the style of the design of a particular site, and much more. Many generators provide a complete toolbar. Note that these settings can be available to users only after registration on the site. It is better to choose a Quick Response code design in advance, thinking through all the nuances. In particular, it applies to static images, which can not be changed or something added in the future.

  1. Download the ready-made image and save it on your device or PC.

Once all the data is entered and the settings are set, you can press the “Generate” button. Before doing this, it is also good to double-check everything to ensure that all the data is correct. After the image is generated, you can click the download button and save it to your computer or any other device in a suitable format.

  1. Add your finished code to your printed product or place it anywhere else.

This square image of black and white squares will not do the job if people do not see it. Therefore, it is worth ensuring you add all the necessary materials to help promote the business. Print trackable QR codes can be carried out on completely different items: clothing, advertising banners, product labels, stickers, and more. The finished image can be put on just about any physical object that people can point their phone camera at to make a scan.

In principle, this process of analytics tracking is quite simple and should not cause many difficulties, even for beginners. At the same time, any advanced QR code generator can provide complete instructions on adequately interacting with a particular service. After you have chosen the best platform, go to the official site and get acquainted with the information materials.

How is the scanning of QR codes conducted?

QR code scans are done in a few seconds and are made as simple as possible. These images have been created to extend traditional barcode technology considerably from the beginning. The new 2D images became more functional because they can be easily scanned in any way - vertically or horizontally. In particular, this was achieved due to the square shape.

Before the appearance of modern smartphones, a unique QR code scanner, which was used for stock management, was used to read two-dimensional pictures. This process is much easier and more advanced due to the use of cell phones. Due to the scanning process, it is possible to read the coded information easily.

Every modern person has QR code readers in his pocket. To find out what a customized QR code hides, you need to open the camera on your phone and point it at the image. The recognition process takes a little time:

  1. Open the camera on your phone or a particular application.
  2. Put the phone on the square. At the same time, make sure all the corners coincide with a separate window on the screen.
  3. Wait until the image is processed and an active link appears on the screen. Click on it.
  4. The smartphone will automatically take you to the coded information - the site, etc.

Suppose your device lacks a built-in function to read the images presented. In that case, you need to download a particular app for scanning.

How to find the safest generator of dynamic QR codes?

Every time you use a specific tool or QR code generators, you are sure to share personal data, which needs to get into safe hands. Therefore, the service that generates dynamic QR codes should provide maximum protection for the personal data entered. So before you generating codes, you must ensure that the service you choose meets several security parameters.

  • GDPR support is a special regulation concerning the confidentiality and protection of personal information. It ensures that the user can control how exactly their personal information is stored and processed by organizations.
  • ISO 27001:2013 certification. Maintaining the presented certificate for analytics tracking ensures that the organization meets modern quality standards in information security management. These conditions are mandatory to develop, integrate, maintain and improve systems. The organization understands how information management should be conducted, ensuring maximum security.

Finding a modern secure service of marketing strategies is worth it if you want to create genuinely high-quality QR codes. A lot depends on its reliability. An unreliable generator can jeopardize the confidentiality of personal customer data by using the information hidden behind the code. When choosing the best service, you should always consider its security, safety, and reliability.

To create reliable high-resolution generated QR codes, you should read our review. We have collected proven sites that have verified their reliability and excellent performance and earned a favourable reputation among many users almost worldwide.

What is the price of a dynamic QR code? Is it always necessary to pay for the generation?

Creating customized QR codes only sometimes requires money. Many generators offer free trial versions, so users can test the service’s functionality and evaluate its quality without investing. The free rate often refers to static images, while free dynamic QR codes are often a rarity. You need to subscribe for a fee to get all the benefits of tracking user activity and access to detailed statistics.

In our rating above, we have collected the best services that offer free QR codes created and affordable paid plans. Each user can choose the best option depending on the requirements, goals, the required amount of generated images, and other parameters.

Main thoughts

Customised QR code's performance are becoming increasingly popular, and their prevalence is increasing worldwide. These images flooded various spheres. Mainly it concerns marketing efforts, which is actively used in recent campaigns, printed materials, and others. Such popularity is because these images are easily scanned (without special equipment) and can contain a relatively large amount of information.

If you are interested in the process to create codes, you need to find the best generator that meets all the requirements and standards. If you are unsure which one is right for your use, consider our rating of the best services worth trusting. We have carefully selected five tested sites that offer a complete set of tools and democratic paid rates with more advanced functionality.

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