Coca-Cola is proud to continue its partnership with Euro Pride 2023, set to take place in Malta from September 7 to 17. The annual international LGBTIQ+ event features a Pride Parade and human rights conference and is hosted by a different European city each year. Through this partnership, Coca-Cola aims to foster inclusion and optimism in business and outside the workplace. 

As a company that believes in promoting diversity and inclusion, Coca-Cola is eager to support and help raise awareness on the importance of creating a world where everyone feels accepted and valued for who they are. Coca-Cola supported the most recent World Pride events in New York (2019), Copenhagen (2021) and Sydney (2023) and were the main official partner for Euro Pride 2022, in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Malta marks 31 years of Euro Pride 

As one of the highest-ranking countries on the Rainbow Index over the last five years, Malta promises to offer a haven for celebration and sunshine. Malta is an island with no gay neighborhood because the whole country welcomes and recognizes all forms of couples and families, irrespective of their gender or sexuality. 

“With the support of global companies like Coca-Cola, which we are proud to represent in Malta and the incredible community we have, we are continuing to build a stronger sense of belonging and safety for thousands of people. Euro Pride will shine in Malta, and we look forward to seeing familiar and new faces this year,’’ said Maria Micallef, CEO of GSD Marketing Ltd. (official Licensed bottler and distributor of the Coca-Cola Company)

In the last 20-years, Malta has allowed LGBTIQ+ people to serve in the military, passed anti-discrimination laws regarding employment, recognized sexual orientation and gender identity hate crimes, and created a provision that allows time for gender affirmation treatment as part of leave entitlements. 

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