Most phone plans are now post-paid, with customers increasingly focusing on data, according to figures published by the communications authority on Monday.

In a statement about the use of various means of communication during the first quarter of 2024, the Malta Communications Authority noted year-on-year increases in the number of people subscribing to mobile telephony (5.8%), pay-TV sector (3.3%) and fixed broadband sector (2.6%).

Conversely, the fixed-line telephony subscription base experienced a slight year-on-year decline (0.1%).

The data underscores end-users' growing dependence on high-speed internet, mobile devices, and connectivity.

This quarter saw a decline in pre-paid mobile subscriptions, along with reductions in voice call and SMS volumes, while domestic and roaming data usage increased.

Significantly, the first quarter of 2024 was the first time when post-paid subscriptions (subscriptions on a contract-term agreement) exceeded pre-paid subscriptions.

"These trends indicate a continued shift among mobile subscribers primarily underscored by the need for better data access and connectivity rather than voice services," the MCA said.

53% increase

Notably in the fixed broadband segment, there was a 53% year-on-year increase in subscriptions for internet download speeds greater than or equal to 1 Gbps.

Additionally, the number of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) subscriptions surged by 30.6% to represent 34% of all subscriptions recorded at the end of March.

To date, all major fixed broadband providers in Malta offer internet plans via FTTH, with GO being the leader in terms of near-national coverage with this technology, it added.

In the postal sector, mail items delivered within the universal service scope declined by 426,756 year-on-year, while those delivered outside scope increased by 76,636.

The universal service is largely focused on domestic mail, accounting for 87.4% of all items within its scope.

In contrast, mail outside the universal service scope is predominantly used for inbound cross-border parcel services, comprising 86% of such mail items.

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