PN Secretary General Michael Piccinino on Sunday dismissed claims he sought to bury the disability rackets scandal for fear PN MPs might be implicated. 

MaltaToday said in an article that Piccinino knew about the full extent of the scandal for at least seven weeks, but did nothing about it because of the possible involvement of a number of its MPs. 

It added that "rumours are rife around the corridors of the PN headquarters that a few PN MPs have been identified as having referred people to [Silvio] Grixti". 

Times of Malta exposed how Labour MP Silvio Grixti helped "hundreds" of people claim disability benefits that they were not entitled to, by falsifying medical documents. 

Responding to the claims about him, Piccinino said on Facebook that they were a lie designed to lend credibility to Prime Minister Robert Abela's "spin" about PN involvement in the racket. 

Abela this week said no serving officials or MPs directed anyone to commit any irregularity. 

But, he added, perhaps the same question should be asked of Nationalist MPs.

Piccinino flatly denied having any indication that PN MPs could be implicated in the racket. 

He said anyone claiming to have information about the racket should go to the police. 

Investigations so far show 160 may have received funds they were not entitled to. 

Over €2 million worth of payments linked to the fraudulent racket have been identified so far, the Social Policy Ministry has said. 

Grixti resigned as a Labour MP in December 2021, shortly after being questioned by the police about the racket. 

The Prime Minister has insisted that he immediately acted by demanding Grixti resign from Labour's parliamentary group. 

No public announcement about the racket or Grixti's suspected involvement in it was ever made by Abela. 

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