The online gaming industry is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to technology. The fast-paced industry invests in new technologies and is an early adapter of innovation – which in turn translates into higher entertainment value and user experience for experienced and new gamers alike. 

So what innovations should we expect from the online casinos at in the new year? 

More live gaming

The technological ability to live-stream a game – including roulette and card games – to a player’s computer, tablet or phone has enabled casinos to offer games with live dealers – an experience which until this development was only reserved for land-based casinos. Moreover, online casinos have refined the service offering by increasing the language options as well as activating various themed rooms. 

The convenience and comfort added to the user experience has translated into increased demand for live gaming – which means that the trend is set to gain further popularity in the new year, attracting players who are after the personal touch and human element of gambling but don’t want to visit a land-based casino. 

Augmented and virtual reality

Although still in its infancy, augmented and virtual reality gaming options are increasingly becoming more popular – and various VR games are already available. The challenge here is that it is only a minority of clients that own a VR headset – so further take-up is required here. But for those who do have a headset, the demand is significant – mainly because VR brings a high level of realism to games and offers gamers a seamless mix of real-world and virtual elements. 

The rise and rise of fintech

Pay N Play casinos are gaining a lot of popularity – especially in north Europe. 

For those who are keen to bypass the administrative burden of having to register at an online casino – but still want to play at safe and secure spaces – instant casinos offer quick deposits as well as quick withdrawals, while still packing the game variety, customer care, user experience and generous bonuses that other online casinos offer. 

In 2023, further technological advances – and more attractive prices for VR headsets – will surely increase adoption. 

Mobile gaming

Smartphones have changed the way we work, play and gamble. Most reputable online casinos have optimised their platforms to cater for players who want a bit of entertainment while on the go. Top online casinos are now further improving their platforms by catering for smartwatches – the ultimate, for now, in online gaming on the go. Expect further developments – and a richer user experience, in the new year. 

New generation slot machines

Slot machines are cross-generational, and players of all ages and backgrounds are able to find a slot to their liking. And so the gaming sector will continue to invest in these games – by adding elements such as incorporating slot machines that are equipped with 3D and virtual reality, increasing available themes by taking inspiration from popular movies, music and TV series, and going beyond the traditional three- or five-reel set-up to offer alternatives with many more paylines. 

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