On Sunday, June 2, the Valletta Concours took centre stage in St George’s Square, Valletta. This annual event, fueled by a collective love for art, Valletta's rich history, and vintage and classic cars, unfolded amid the grandeur of the city's baroque architecture.

The Concours d’Elegance was more than just a spectacle of vintage and classic cars; it was a homage to the rich heritage of Valletta.

As part of the Concours, a Collective Art Exhibition added an extra layer of charm to the classic car event. Centred around the theme 'Valletta and Classic Cars,' this week-long exhibition showcased the creative talents of 16 local and foreign artists. Their artworks depicted various facets of Valletta's landscape intertwined with the allure of classic automobiles. Their creations adorned the walls of Saint Dominic Hall at the Kings Own Club, offering a glimpse into the soul of the city. A thrilling live painting session took place during the Concours D’Elegance, where artists competed to capture the essence of the Concours in real-time. 

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