In Malta, one of the largest local economic drivers within this century has been tradespeople within the construction industry. Within this industry, tradespeople have consistently made considerable profits through skills in their niches, gained from their years of experience and qualifications.

Within the last 20 years, this industry has grown rapidly

Within this growth, larger profit margins were seen and this attracted plenty of individuals to flow into the construction industry and flood the once-stable market.

Due to the lack of control in the market, this flood attracted individuals who were generally less experienced. This caused a wide decline in workmanship as their counterparts skilled, qualified tradespeople found it more difficult to flourish in the once-stable market.

Photo: CheckYourTradersPhoto: CheckYourTraders

With price being a huge driver, unskilled, unaccountable tradespeople have had the option to build their businesses, of which has cascaded into branding the entire industry as inefficient.

This decline in workmanship also resulted in the accredited and high-quality workmanship tradespeople being undercut by newcomers in the market. With a few bad apples, the entire reputation of the industry has slowly started to decay. This has attracted plenty of negative attention from local and foreign media highlighting the general lack of H&S and poor workmanship in the local industry. 

Never in the history of Malta has selecting a reputable and accountable tradesperson been this difficult- Lauren Rampley, Founder of CheckYourTraders

Recently, homeowners and developers have been finding great difficulty in navigating the market and committing to their biggest investments. This pain in the market is felt by everyone and echoes into the housing inflation in Malta.

Photo: CheckYourTradersPhoto: CheckYourTraders

Is Malta alone in this struggle?

This issue occurred in every country during major economic changes. In the UK, this issue particularly occurred during the 1980s, and due to a lower internet presence, it was much more difficult to solve.

Private enterprises sought to create a system to remedy the situation, through a simple method of checking tradespeople to increase accountability and linking the best tradespeople to homeowners. These private enterprises solved such a problem through this system quickly and fairly.

In turn, improving the industry and maintaining a now global hierarchy by attracting some of the best tradespeople in the world valued for their skills.

Photo: CheckYourTradersPhoto: CheckYourTraders

In 2020, CheckYourTraders, a private enterprise is doing the same, some say better late than never. With the ease of the internet in place, CheckYourTraders aims to provide a platform for homeowners to find verified and reputable tradespeople, of which Malta has plenty, easily.

The MDA are always looking for opportunities to improve the industry standard as a whole. Checking the industry not only gives the customer peace of mind but also allows developers to demand a higher quality finish. Its not difficult to find services on the islands, it can be difficult to find accountable professionals. 

The customer & developers, now have the opportunity to see which companies are at the front of this movement, of accountability. We urge both homeowners & developers to use TradesPeople who join us in this mission.- Michael Stivala – President of the Malta Developers Association

Developers – end value of the property, limitation of risk, pride in what you built.

This system benefits not only homeowners but also developers. With verified tradespeople, developers can take great pride in their project knowing full well that their projects are being built by professional tradespeople who are passionate about their work.

This limits the risks for developers from a structural perspective, but also a psychological perspective when one account for the benefits of the after-sales service.

When using verified tradespeople, you are ensuring a better end product for the eventual homeowner, encouraging positive feedback to the developer.

When making use of a host of verified tradespeople, the final product will be much more valuable and can even alter the end value of the property. The best part of all this? Using verified tradespeople is free, fast and efficient.

CheckYourTraders has managed to solve one of the biggest industry problems, creating the wheel for accountability. As a company, CheckYourTraders is currently verifying 1000s tradespeople across the islands. This process involves verifying all client details through verifiable data provided.


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