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‘Don’t you dare fire food couriers on strike’: minister Byron Camilleri warns

The minister was aghast on hearing about the conditions the Bolt couriers worked in but, then, he hasn’t been living in Malta because it has been a problem for years. Graffitti and many people have been protesting and telling the government these people are being treated like slaves for ages. – David Pace

One problem with employing foreign workers is the difficulty to communicate with them. The road resurfacing in Balzan is being done by mainly Turkish nationals and other TCNs. When issues arose, there was no way we could discuss it with them. Their English was limited to good morning. No contact number was provided by either Infrastructure Malta or the Balzan council. A frustrating and dangerous situation. – Adrian Borg Cardona

In Malta, if the opportunity arises all unqualified TCN will be treated like slaves.

Malta ħanina… kienet xi darba! – PC Dingli

Bolt couriers are on strike. Photo: Matthew MirabelliBolt couriers are on strike. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

Unless it is followed up with proper enforcement action and criminal prosecution, the minister’s words are just that. Words. The proof that he actually means anything will be in actions taken. – Tom Erik Skjønsberg 

“We are a country that takes pride in treating its workers well. Our country should not allow any employers to abuse the rights of the workers, irrespective of their nationality,” [Byron] Camilleri told Times of Malta. If this is an April’s Fool joke, it is either way too late or way too early. – Matthias Wille

Hogwash. Wasn’t it Labour’s intention to flood the country with cheap slavery in the first place? Why doesn’t the minister disclose names of those behind shady TCN agencies? Or is he too aware it will cause yet another PL blunder?

Our quality of life is deteriorating by the day in practically every aspect. What’s the purpose of a strong economy when only the few are to benefit? That was PL’s road map from the very start. – A. Mifsud

Joining a union means paying a membership fee. Let me remind Byron Camilleri what Joseph Muscat had said to his followers when these people were being imported with the excuse that they will be paying our pensions(!)

He told them these workers would be paying NI and taxes but would not be collecting a pension since they would leave Malta before they reach pensionable age. And the faithful applauded without even thinking what this meant. Obscene exploitation.

Camilleri said he was aghast at reports that workers were working in precarious conditions and for minimal pay. Everyone and his dog knew that these workers and many others are being exploited; all except the employment minister! Talk about cushy jobs! – Victor Pulis

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