A disruptive tech-focused higher education institution based in Malta has rolled out new online degrees with a special focus on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies. 

The Open Institute of Technology (OPIT) has received full EU-wide accreditation to offer two bachelor’s degree programs as well as four master’s of science courses. 

Courses include modern computer science, applied data science, and AI, all of which have all been accredited under the European Qualification Framework (EQF) by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA).

With over 100 students from 38 countries, the institute also offers innovative courses on game development, cyber security, and development.

The degrees awarded by OPIT have full legal value and are professionally recognised by employers globally.

Additionally, OPIT is recognised by World Education Services, a trusted non-profit providing verified education credential assessments in the US and Canada for foreign degrees and certificates.

Last month OPIT held a series of talks with Malta’s education authorities to discuss potential collaboration with the University of Malta and other local entities.  

Represented by its rector, a former Minister of Education of Italy, Prof. Francesco Profumo, and Riccardo Ocleppo, OPIT’s founder, the institute met with Education Minister Clifton Grima, among others, discussing the increased appetite for innovative tech courses from Maltese students and the potential of research collaboration and co-hosting of conferences with local entities.

OPIT held talks with Education Minister Clifton Grima and other Maltese education authorities.OPIT held talks with Education Minister Clifton Grima and other Maltese education authorities.

OPIT’s practice-oriented curriculum, taught exclusively in English, was designed under the expert guidance of Prof. Profumo to provide graduates with real-world experience based on industry insights.

OPIT bridges the gap between theoretical classroom-based academia and real-world applications of innovative technology for industry. 

Focusing on creating job-ready graduates, OPIT’s high-profile international teaching staff have been recruited from some of the best universities in the world, including Tier-1 institutes in the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Lebanon, and Spain.

Ocleppo and Profumo say they are on a mission to unlock students’ progress and employment on a global scale by providing high-quality and affordable education - a model based on the need for quality, flexibility, inclusivity, and the acquisition of crucial skills in future-ready sectors such as Artificial Intelligence..

OPIT's student-centric approach delivers a combination of online learning and interactive discussions within a collaborative environment fostering advancement and innovation, including live lessons, masterclasses, videos, quizzes, exercises, and more internally developed digital content that students can access at any time.

"Our teaching model combines quality, flexibility, and inclusiveness. We have translated into practice, a radically different programme from the current offering at universities,” said OPIT director Riccardo Ocleppo. 

“The quality of the teachers and the innovative format guarantee a high-level experience.”

“Students engage within a real community of people linked by the common goal of entering the world of work with a skilled background in line with what industry needs,” he added.

For more information about OPIT and its programs, please visit OPIT's website.

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