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A man who is thought to have deposited at least 1,000 baggies of human poo and other litter in the Marsaxlokk countryside has been stopped after being caught in the act by the Malta Ranger Unit. 

In a Facebook post on Monday, the Rangers said that for four years they have every single day found human faeces wrapped in a milk carton and then placed in a plastic bag with other litter dumped in the same spot in a rural area in Marsaxlokk. 

"It's anticipated that this individual has deposited over 1000 packages (!) throughout the years (the offences trace back to 2020), with nearly one package being thrown every day. The packages were thrown in the exact same spot," they said. 

But thanks to a sting operation, Rangers who observed the site for a week were able to gather enough evidence to file a police report once the man was identified.

The Malta Ranger Unit, which was established in 2023, is mostly made up of volunteers. Rangers patrol the countryside to report illegalities, advise and educate the public about caring for nature.

The Rangers hailed the event as a victory, saying that years of defacing a public space have finally come to an end. 

They said that man is expected to be charged for the accumulation of litter that he is thought to have dumped over the years, as well as the sanitary issue. With these two elements considered, he could face a fine of up to €6,000 if convicted in Court.

"Marsaxlokk will now be a cleaner place and the offender will be held accountable for his bad habit," they said.

"Our Rangers will do their duty and be present in Court to give their statement and hand over the evidence."

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